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Automatic Cat Litter

The Ultimate Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box!

With automatic gravity sensor technology, the Petree Litter Box cleans up litters and keeps your room odor free.


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Never Scoop Litter Ever Again!

Enjoy the freedom of never having to scoop litter for your cats again! Petree Litter Box contains a gravity sensor at the bottom of the device, which can accurately detect the presence of a cat in the litter. When the cat leaves the litter, our sifting system separates waste from clean litter and deposits the waste into our litter drawer.

How To Use The Petree Litter Box

1. Check to make sure your cat weighs a minimum of 1.5kg (usually after 3 months)

2. Place the machine on a flat surface like tiles/floorboards.

3. Add bentonite litter in the litter box before turning on the machine.

4. Add the litter bag in the litter drawer.

5. Wait for your cat to use the machine and replace the litter bag when needed.

That’s it! It’s that simple.

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14 Day Money Back Commitment

We understand changing litter boxes can be a challenge for you and your cat.

Therefore, we offer a 14 day trial period in your home. Should you or your cat not be satisfied for any reason, simply contact us.

Video Demonstration

See How Petree Helps To Clean Cat Litter Automatically.

See What Our Customers Say


Super Cool New Self Cleaning Litter Box!

Very impressed with this PETREE litter box. I used to have a litter box with no cover and the smells get very strong if I did not clean it timely. The PETREE innovative design makes it easy to clean. It has bags to line the receptacle, so that you can clean the box more frequently then just pick up the bag and throw away. I love the modern look of the box, and the fact that there is a carbon filter to eliminate odor. This is cute and doesn’t look like a big ugly box, it looks like a little space capsule. I love this litter box. It is super cool! Overall this is the best cat litter box I have ever had.

Boris Mac – 27/4/2020


Love This Litter Box, Worth Every Penny

I love this automatic cat litter box. My cat would go poop on the carpet in the living room. I hated how I had to see smell and sometimes touch nasty gross used poop or pee litter. Considering how much it cost, I searched on Google, compared several prices, chose this Petree litter box, it’s amazing. With this self cleaning little box, no smell to linger. I only clean the waste drawer once a week. Save much time, thanks.

Kim Young – 12/02/2020


Love The Petree Litter Box!

I have been using Petree for 3 month now and wow this machine is amazing. I have three cats and two of them started using it right off the bat, the third one took a little longer; but they are now using it on a regular basis. It’s just nice that I don’t have to scoop their litter 3 times a day any more. All I have to do is clean the collection tray once a day. I strongly recommend it to anyone who has fur children – you won’t regret getting it!

Alicia – 31/01/2020

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