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The Best Dog and Cat Toys in Australia

Are you looking for fun pet toys that can keep your cat or dog occupied and entertained? At AlphaPet, we offer a range of options for pet owners who have the best interests of their feline or canine companion in mind. Whether you’re searching for multi-function toy sets for dogs that offer multiple benefits or versatile cat scratchers in Australia that can channel some of your cat’s more disruptive instincts and habits, you’ll find the best products within our selection.

Our Range of Pet Toys in Australia

We proudly stock dog and cat toys in Australia sourced from the innovators at PETKIT. Our selection includes:

  • PETKIT Fun Tree Dog Toy Set – Suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds, this set contains three toys that each provides different benefits and rewards. The minimalist design of these toys also means they can be used as home decorations.
  • PETKIT 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher – This cardboard cat scratcher in Australia features a corrugated board for claw maintenance and a play track with two toy balls to promote playful activity and keep your cat amused for hours on end. It can also be used as a compact resting place.
  • PETKIT Cat Scratcher House – PETKIT’s cat scratch pads and houses are solid and durable, giving your cat the opportunity to express their natural claw-sharpening instincts without targeting and damaging your furniture or other belongings.

Enquire About Our Available Pet Toys Today

When it comes to fun pet toys in Australia, you can expect to find the best products at AlphaPet. We’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for and be completely satisfied by the quality of the products you receive. Browse our range and order online today, or speak to one of our experts for more information.