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Pet Sport Products – Waste Bags, Retractable Leads & Dog Harness in Australia

All dogs need to be walked on a regular basis. This not only maintains their fitness, but also gives them an opportunity to socialise with other dogs and strengthen the bond they share with their owner. At AlphaPet, we stock a range of products that make sport and physical activities less strenuous and more enjoyable. Whether you need a pet waste bag dispenser that allows you to easily pick up waste or a dog harness in Australia for better control, we’ve got you covered.

An Authorised PETKIT Reseller

As an authorised reseller of PETKIT products, AlphaPet can give pet owners access to some of the latest and most innovative tools, all of which boast a range of smart high-tech features. Our selection includes:

  • Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Set – These biodegradable pet waste bags make collecting, handling and disposing of waste simpler than ever. PETKIT’s dog waste bags in Australia are made using non-toxic recycled materials that degrade more quickly than plastic. These dog poop bags in Australia also feature a water-resistant coating that minimises odours and prevents leaks.
  • Go Free Leash – Retractable dog leads in Australia can make walking dogs much more enjoyable, motivating owners to take them out more often. Made using materials with comfort in mind and featuring a built-in flashlight for night-time strolls, our available dog collars and leads in Australia are among the best you can find anywhere.
  • Harness Air – This dog walking harness in Australia is ideal for larger dogs that are more difficult to control. The harness features an ergonomic and adjustable design for maximum comfort, reflective trim for low-visibility environments, secure attachment points, and more. Unlike a normal leash, the harness can prevent dogs getting tangled and reduce choking hazards.

From biodegradable dog poop bags in Australia through to a flexi dog leash in Australia and more, we have no shortage of options available for you to choose from.

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AlphaPet is your one-stop shop for sport-related dog accessories in Australia, including the best dog harness in Australia and much more. You won’t have to look anywhere else for a product that meets your needs when you browse our excellent range of sport-related pet products.