Petio Electirc Moving Sushi Cat Toy Salmon

Petio Electirc Moving Sushi Cat Toy Salmon



  • Move lifelike and powerful
  • Wake it up when you turn it up
  • Perfect toy with Petio Conveyor Belt Sushi Cat Playground Set
  • Powered by 2 x LR44 battery

Package Include:

  • Electirc Moving Sushi Cat Toy – Salmon x1

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Electric toy with a sushi motif that moves like a real thing. This is perfect toy to play in Petio Conveyor Belt Sushi Cat Playground Set
For stress relief
Cats live in hunting.Therefore, some cats play with the toy to look up to the prey.Even if you stop hunting, your hunting instincts will remain forever.Since you can’t hunt, you can even get stressed even after you don’t know.It is also a good way to play with Fun to relieve stress of your cat
Lack of exercise
If you have it indoors you will not be able to release energy as a cat thinks.If the energy is unable to escape, it will not only cause stress but also cause obesity.Not only do the owner play with them, but also give them Fun so that your cat can exercise frequently indoors
“Petio Moving Petio Sushi” is a toy that moves lifelike and doesn’t get bored of your cat.
If you cannot release stress and exercise lack of exercise, it may cause a cat to bite on people or ruin the room to release energy.
Give them a toy and let your pet cats and owners feel comfortable.


Size: 8x4x17.5 cm
Weight: 0.04 kg
Material: ABS resin, iron
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