PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Blue

PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Blue


Joyful application of soft rubber with roly-poly design and well-adjusted weight, Pidan Roly-Poly Feather Teaser is simple but effective to keep your cat entertained.

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Dimensions:  33*9*6 cm

Materials: TPU, PC, Metal, Goose Feather

Our PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Blue ticks all the boxes for a cat toy that is well-designed, well-built and simply adorable. Cats can’t resist this self-balancing toy with bells and feather teasers. Watch them give chase while you sit back and relax. 


  • Self-Balancing Base counteracts rough play
  • Built-In Bells mimic the sound of small prey
  • Replaceable Feathers keep toy in good shape


  • Make sure cats get enough exercise and stimulation
  • Give cats something to play with when you’re busy
  • Durable material and design can withstand wear and tear 

The product of an exciting collaboration between PIDAN® Studio and a top Australian design agency, the PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Blue is a premium cat toy made with durable material and smart design.  

Designed to look like a raindrop, this cute cat toy has a self-balancing base that stands upright whenever kitty takes a swipe, encouraging them to continue interacting with it. As a result, kitty gets the mental and physical stimulation they need to stay happy and healthy.  

The feather head on the tip of the toy looks like a small bird that might catch kitty’s attention. The replaceable goose feathers will help you keep the toy in pristine condition. 

The built-in bell makes tiny sounds that will keep your cat on high alert. The sound from the bell also indicates that your pet is actively playing with this toy in the other room and helps you detect their presence while you work, clean or relax at home. 

Our PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Blue is made of hybrid resin that goes through 20 rounds of dull polishing to give this toy a silky smooth texture that feels great on cats’ paws. The anti-oxidative resin body comes in a gorgeous blue gradient that will retain its colour even with frequent sun exposure. 

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