PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Pink

PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Pink


Joyful application of soft rubber with roly-poly design and well-adjusted weight, Pidan Roly-Poly Feather Teaser is simple but effective to keep your cat entertained.

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Dimensions:  33*9*6cm

Materials: Metal, TPU, PC, Goose Feather


Too busy to play with kitty? The PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Pink will keep your cat preoccupied. This self-balancing toy stands upright whenever kitty knocks it down. The result? Hours upon hours of playtime that keeps your cat happy and physically active.   



  • Replaceable Feathers so toy looks new
  • Built-In Bells to grab pets’ attention
  • Self Balancing Base encourages play



  • Keep cats mentally and physically stimulated
  • Give cats toys to play with when you’re busy
  • Invest in durable toys that withstand rough play


After months of collaboration between PIDAN® Studio and a leading Australian design firm, here comes the PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Pink. Inspired by the shape of raindrops, this adorable toy will keep your cats entertained for days on end. 

Give kitty something fun to play with while you get some work done at home. The toy comes with a self-balancing design that can hold its own against playful and energetic cats. It has built-in bells that create pleasing sounds that will remind your cat of small prey. The goose feathers also make movements that will get cats chasing and pouncing on this roly-poly until they tire themselves out. 

Made with hybrid resin, each roly-poly undergoes 20 rounds of dull polishing, an elaborate process that gives this toy a skin-like texture.  It’s gentle on cats’ paws and protects their claws during rough play.

This toy comes in a beautiful gradient pink colour – the result of a unique dyeing process meant to mimic the appearance of dawn. The hybrid resin body is sun-proof and anti-oxidative so the toy retains its colour. The goose feathers are replaceable to keep the toy looking brand new. 

If you’re tired of buying cat toys that break down after a few play sessions, our PIDAN® Roly-Poly-Pink is the answer to your prayers.     [Woo_stamped_io type=’widget’ product_id=()]